The Adventures of The Hashtag Hero

Choose to be a #HERO: Inspire humanity to spring into action and embrace the powers within themselves.

Victory is a process that occurs with small steps, decisions and actions that gradually build upon each other. #HEROICPhilosophies

The 1 who continues to advance 1 step @ a time will win in the end. The battle is always won long b4 the final victory. #HEROICphilosophies

We the everyday superheroes are Kite Flying in the #CentralPark this Saturday on The Great Lawn at 1PM. These #HEROEvents will be filmed for a documentary. Details:

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Superheroes are Kayaking on the #HudsonRiver 2morrow @ Pier 26, 4:30PM. These #HEROEvents will be filmd for a documentary:

There are no failures, just results. #HEROICPhilosophies

Bout time I signed up for frequent flyer miles #upupandaway

My new sounds: